College Preparation

Teaming with Petersons and College Options Foundation, March 2 Success offers practice tests, flashcards and games to help students prepare for college entrance exams.  We offer 7 full length practice tests for both the SAT and ACT. Each section of the practice test is timed and scored just like the real test.  When a section is completed, students can review their test and see detailed explanations of each problem.  The practice test sections also include information about the test, test dates and tips and test taking strategies.

We also offer 25 decks of flashcards (20 Verbal and 5 Math) ranging in difficulty from easy to hard.  The flashcards show a word or term, will read it aloud (if you have sound turned on) and provide a definition. Each deck includes a game or quiz to help review the terms included in the deck.

March 2 Success also includes the Zero Hour Threat I & II SAT/ACT preparation games.  These games allow users to review for their test while playing an interactive game.  Each question you answer correctly brings you closer to resolving the crisis in the game scenario.

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